Coconut Crafts refers to the creation of utility and decorative items with coconut shells, which is practiced in various parts of the South Asian countries. Coconut crafts are mostly manufactured in Indian states which feature the majority of coconut plants.

 The term coconut dates back to the 16th century. It derives from the Spanish and Portuguese word coco, meaning a grin, a monkey face respectively, since there is a slight resemblance to a human face or a monkey head because of the three tiny indents on the hairy shell of the fruit. Cocos nucifera is a scientific term for the coconut tree, or coconut palm. Tropics and subtropics are the natural habitats of the plant. The coconut is a plant, which favorably grows on the shorelines, it prospers on sandy soils.

Coconut Palm Tree produces one of the diversified fruits where every bit is utilized in a variety of way. The craft of making decorative and utility products out of coconut shell and wood is mostly practiced in parts of India where coconut is grown in abundance. However with the passage of time and the improvement in tools, people started making various other small utility and decorative articles by cutting coconut shell. From the coconut shell products like bowls, vases, teapots, hookahs and many other varieties are crafted.

       i.            Manufacturing process

Step 1:  

Artisans cut the coconut shells with band saw

Step 2:  

Cleaning & smoothing of outer surface and inner part of  shell using buffing machine

           Step 3:

           Half sliced coconut shell is carved into beautiful design using    bastard file. 

           Step 4:

Edges of beautifully carved shells are smoothened by filing or by sanding with  sand paper

Step 5:

Finally carved shells are polished using wood polish to make elegant coconut shell products.