i. Manufacturing process

1.    Areca Leaf Plates are made from fallen Areca Leaves. These leaves are hand-picked from plantation, stored and processed for making various types of dinnerware.

2.    The process includes obtaining the leaf from plantation, sorted, cleaned and transported to the manufacturing unit.

3.    These leaves are soaked in water to obtain 75% moisture and then heat pressed for 3 minutes in a hot plate press at 4kg/cm2 pressure at 110ºC temperature and cut to obtain desired size and shape.

4.    The production process doesn’t require added chemical. The carbon footprint of making the dinnerware consists mainly of heating water and casting. Because the tree drops its leaves naturally and the production doesn’t require cutting or harming the trees.

 ii.            How about product durability?

1.  Areca ware dinnerware are beautiful complement to earth, the products are light weight, strong enough to handle the heavy entrees, sides, main course & desserts or any buffet meal.

2.  The Product is thick, wont leak, sag or break.

3. Areca ware products are completely steer away from chemicals that leech into food or binders that compromise biodegradability.

4  Areca ware products are perfect for any occasions and elevates your birthday parties, festivals, religious events, camping trip, Holiday gathering, BBQ picnic, Outdoor events, meeting, conferences and so on.