Green Earth provides innovative sustainable solutions with our 100% compostable/biodegradable products. Our products are the best substitutes to everyday single use products made up of plastic, thermocol and paper. Our products can be best alternative as they are made by considering the principles of circular economy and ‘state-of-the-art’ technology.

We work in close co-operation with group of renowned environmental safety experts and re-searchers who are pioneers in manufacturing Bio-degradable and Compostable products in India for many years.

Our products are made from Areca tree leaf, Re cycled papers, coconut shells,   natural starch, vegetable oil derivatives, and vegetable waste and are nontoxic to animal and plants. These products are made according to US Standard ASTM D 6400, European Standard EN 13432 and International Standards ISO 17088 and are also available in international market.

We are Located at Ressource City, Næstved, Denmark,

We are working together with a lot of great-minded people who are determined to turn the dream of a sustainable world into reality. We are part of the Ressource city’s large network where every company/organizations is with great knowledge, and experience in environment safety and their innovative processes are contributing to implement circular economy. They guide and co-operates each other in making a green transition.


Plastic has been into human life such a way that it cannot be avoided and it is dangerous for survival of animals, sea life and man-kind in near future.

Green Earth will play a major role in developing and providing the best eco-friendly alternative solutions to traditional (conventional) plastics to achieve the goal ‘A world free from                           plastics’.


Green Earth provides a vast variety of 100% compostable/biodegradable products that are 100% natural and free from traditional plastic. These products are the best alternative to                         plastic products that are currently being used in households or industry.

1.Green Earth provides innovative solutions to people, and helps them in re-developing green and safe environment for future generations of this planet.

2.Green Earth educates the society about the importance of replacing conventional plastic products with natural plant based biodegradable/compostable products

3.Green Earth is the right place for companies, industries, organizations and individual that wishes to find efficient solutions to replace traditional plastic products, and build a sustainable              and healthy planet.


Green Earth is not only confined to sustainable solutions we do make sure our business fulfill our social concerns

1.Save Environment

2.Save Water

3.Rural Women Employment

4.A Commitment to help less fortunate