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Welcome to Green Earth

Green Earth is a supplier of 100% compostable/biodegradable products. Our products are the best substitutes to everyday single use products made up of plastic, thermocol and paper. Our products can be best alternative as they are made by considering the principles of circular economy and ‘state-of-the-art’ technology.

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Areca ware Products

Areca Leaf Plates are made from fallen Areca tree Leaves. These leaves are hand-picked from plantation, stored and processed for making various types of dinnerware.

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Re cycled Seed Paper Products

Recycled Seed Paper is a type of handmade Bio degradable eco-paper made out of post consumer material (no trees are harmed for this paper) .

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Coconut Shell products

Coconut Crafts refers to the creation of utility and decorative items with coconut shells, which is practiced in various parts of the South Asian countries. Coconut crafts are mostly manufactured in Indian states which feature the majority of coconut plants.

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Biodegradable/Compostable Bags

Biopolymers are polymers made from living organism that can be sustainable, carbon neutral and are always renewable, because they are made from plant materials which can be grown indefinitely.

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our Highlights

Green Earth products can be used in all walks of life and can be a 100 percent substitute to plastic. We also arrange for customised products as per the requirement.


Green Earth Our products are 100 % organic as they are made naturally from natural starch, vegetable waste, vegetable oil derivative and natural wither of palm leafs


Our products are made from plant materials and they can decompose completely in a certain period of time thus it makes them 100% biodegradable.


Our products do not contain any conventional plastics. We do not cut trees to make our elegant & trendy products and are non toxic to environment, plants and animal life


Our products are made following the principles of state-of-art technology and according to international certified standards.

Product Benefits

Microwave & Freezer safe

Products are safer to use between -20 to 180 C.

Smart Design

Products can be custom designed to fulfill the needs of customer requirements.


products are designed in an elegant way they are strong and stackable.


320 M

Metric tons of plastic was estimated to be produced per year

8° M

pieces of plastic goes to our oceans everyday

50 %

of plastic we use, we use just once and throw away

1.1 M

Sea birds and Animals are killed every year by plastic pollution